Vast areas in Dhalai under encroachment

KARIMGANJ, July 29 – During the last few years, a section of miscreants from Mizoram have encroached along border areas in South Assam.

Hundreds of acres of Assam land at Dhalai forest range have been encroached upon by Mizo miscreants.

It may be mentioned that in Hawaithung under Dhalai a total of 29,312 hectares of reserved forest land exists. From Vairentee police gate of Mizoram, Assam land starts.

Following negligence of Cachar police administration and Cachar forest division, Mizo people have uprooted a border pillar in Paglacherra and encroached on vast areas of Assam land. People of Bhaga disclosed that Paglacherra incident is not a single such case. Hundreds of acres of Assam land in Dholakhol, Hawaithung, Lailapur Frenchnagar have been encroached upon by Mizo people. Such incidents have been occurring with the active connivance of Mizoram police. It is learnt that the Mizoram government has set up police outpost, constructed roads, electricity office in Assam land by encroaching on vast areas of Assam land.

Mizo miscreants have also attacked villagers along with the inter-State border and snatched away cows, buffaloes etc. If the villagers protest against such incident, then the Mizoram police allegedly threaten the villagers.

People of Bhaga claim that in 1994, following border dispute, a tripartite meeting was held in New Delhi which was convened by the Central Government. The meeting gave responsibility to the Survey of India to conduct survey to identity the inter-State border and adopted a resolution on maintenance of status quo along the border, though the Mizoram Government has been continuously violating the Central Government instruction and encouraged the Mizo people and miscreants to capture Assam land.