Assam State Government hand in violence syas JNH

SILCHAR, May 13 : Citizen Right Protection Volunteers, the mysterious outfit which had claimed responsibility for burning three Dimasa villages, was actually formed by NSCN (K) with local support from the pro-talk faction of DHD and indirect patronization from the State Government, stated apex body of Dimasa society, Jadikhe Naiso Hosom (JNH) president Dithang Naiding.

Talking to The Sentinel over telephone, Naiding said the recent cases of arsoning were a deep rooted political conspiracy to unleash fratricidal blood bath among the various tribes of NC Hills.

Accusing the State Government, the JNH chief strongly denied the role of Dimasa people in the burning of Guilong Basti, a village mostly inhabited by Nagas. Naiding also said at least 150 NSCN (K) militants had intruded into NC Hills from Manipur.

These Naga militants had secret nexus with pro-talk faction of DHD, the splinter group of Black Widow led by Bihari Dimasa and Dinob Dimasa as well as a section of security forces, he said. Naiding categorically alleged that just prior to the burning of Dimasa villages, security jawans were seen on the spots who reportedly chased away the Dimasa youths who were guarding their villages. Naiding asked all communities to maintain peace and harmony.

Meanwhile, a spokesman of Black Widow alleged that Special Task Force of Assam police IGP RN Singh had been playing a dangerous game in the NC Hills by instigating various non-Dimasa groups against the Dimasas. The spokesman further added that the recent incidents of arsoning was a conspiracy by the State Government with a motive to create communal riot in the NC Hills.

Meanwhile, RN Singh, who had been monitoring the situation from his temporary office at Haflong Circuit House, had reportedly denied the allegation. He however had earlier maintained that the security forces would launch an all-out operation against the Black Widow, which, according to him, was now a weak-kneed outfit.