Jorhat Charter:

Revive Assam Tea Corporation (ATC):

  1. The Assam Tea Corporation needs to be revived. The Tea Gardens under ATC are sick due to mismanage and lack of funds and support from the government.
  2. Implement Plantation Labour Act 1956 in all tea gardens and provide the national level minimum wage to the workers with all other provisions given in the plantation Labour Act 1956.
Conserve Majuli:
  1. The greatest river island of the world Majuli needs to be conserved for the cultural heritage of Assam. Take steps to protect it from land erosion due to flood.
  2. Take initiative to upgrade the education system as per the present context and needs of the present requirement for the youth —
  3. Make available computer in schools and should implement compulsory education on Basic computer course to the students of higher standards.
  4. Provide Scholarship to the meritorious students.
  5. Fee concession for the meritorious poor students who wants to take higher studies.
  6. Promote technical education at the school level.
Create platform for extra curriculum activities for the youth:
  1. Make a policy through which the college students or the youth will get chance of exposure.
  2. Take up step of starting an ITI in the Jorhat constituency for youth development.
  3. Encourage the youth to start small scale industry or the big industry as per their education and experiences by providing loans to them.
  4. Recruit the youth in various posts of the government departments on the basis of their qualification.
Upgrade the existing Engineering College of Jorhat.
Village development
  1. Promote SHG groups for early development of the rural people.
  2. Make available water pumps in the paddy fields.
  3. Provide good drinking water facility to all the villages.
Develop Tea Research Centre, Toklai
  1. The Toklai Tea Research Centre is the only research centre in Assam. It is to be noted that tea constitutes as the major economy of the state, but the Toklai centre related to this economy is not properly maintained and used. It is just lying for the name sake. So the Govt of Assam should immediately take step to upgrade it with proper infrastructure.
Agriculture University
  1. The Agriculture University of Jorhat needs to be upgraded with modern facilities and also increase the capacity of students.