Achievements of Asomiya Science litterateur

JORHAT, June 14 : “Nature’s Revenge”, a book on Ecology composed by Amulya Kumar Hazarika, a prominent Asomiya Science litterateur to be published by National Book Trust of India (NBT), New Delhi and it will be translated to other thirty regional languages across the country. It may be mentioned here that, “Nature’s Revenge” is the first book in Environmental Science on Ecology by an Asomiya author to be published at National level in India.

Born in 1937 at Golaghat, Hazarika was a senior scientist in North East Institute of Science and Technology (NEIST), formerly known as Regional Research Laboratory, Jorhat. He has a unique contribution in the realm of Science literature. “Dhansamukhi Prithivi”, a book on Environmental Pollution published in 1972, was the first book of Hazarika and it was the first book of its kind in Asomiya language. He was also awarded by Axom Xahitya Xabha at Dumduma for his book “Prakriti Param Bandhu”, a book on Environment in 1987. He has also written “Chaka Kenekai Ghure”, “Mahakasar Rahasya”, “Yantrik Yantrik Manab”, “Prakriti”, “Parives Aru Vijnan Jagat”, “Patanga Srestha Pipilika” and “Parives Aru Pradushan” on popular Science.

“Sandhan” and “Akraman” are the two Sci-Fics books of Hazarika which are well read and well talked about by the books lovers. “Stiphen Hoking – Samayar Ithisas Rachota Sei Bikolanga Vigyani Jon” is the first biography on Hoking in Asomiya as the best book for children of upper age written by him. His “Mahanagarir Mahagun”, a witty-satirical travelogue is a book which could win the hearts of thousands of children and grown-ups alike. In the area of fictions, “Bisakanyar Paras” is unique in its bold and novel style of writing and unconventional approach to the theme which can be compared only to Khuswant Singh’s “New Delhi”. “Samrat Tutenkhamenar Rahasyabrita Samadhi”, is an excellent reading material in the area of archaeological story written by Amulya Hazarika.

He has also outshined in the fields of translation. Some of his translated paperbacks are “O Henrir Galpa” (1962), “Kabulivalar Bangali Stri” (1999, 2003), “Byasta Dalalor Prem” (2003) and “Taliban Afgan aru Moi” (2003).

Hazarika had his basic education and professional training in Birla College of Science and Technology in Pilani, University of Calcutta, Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi and David Livingston Institute for Overseas Development Studies, University of Strathelyde, Glasgow (UK). He started his professional carrier in the National Library, Calcutta as a sub-editor of Indian National Bibliography under the tutelage of Padmashree BS Kesavan, former Director of National Library and INSDOC, New Delhi. He joined RRL, Jorhat (CSIR) in 1964 and served in various high positions as head, Information and Industrial Liaison and joined COSTED at Chennai in 1995 as consultant information. After retiring from that post he settled at Jorhat and concentrated writing.