Mahanta, Sahidul to approach SC

SILCHAR, June 6 : Prafulla Mahanta and Sahidul Alom Choudhury are planning to file a PIL with the Supreme Court seeking the Apex court’s vigil on the functioning of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in the NC Hills Autonomous Council case. Confirming the news, Sahidul Alam, a former Minister in Mahanta’s AGP government, told The Sentinel that they would approaching the Apex court on their personnel capacity.

Sahidul said, neutrality of the NIA indicates immense possibility of some big names in the ruling party getting involved in the case. Sahidul said they had been preparing papers for the case and had collected sufficient documents to prove that some heavy-weight ministers in the Gogoi Cabinet had roles in the NC Hills scan and nexus with the ministry. Sahidul said, they were apprehensive whether the NIA would be given free hand by the Congress UPA government when the names of the ministers in the state would come up. Sahidul also said, it was he who had taken the initiative to approach the Supreme Court seeking its overall monitoring over the functioning of the NIA. However, a source said that Mahanta wanted to settle a score with a minister in the Gogoi Cabinet over a piece of land belonging Sarvamanglam, an NGO headed by Mahanta’s wife. RH Khan, the controversial social welfare official who had also been arrested with Mohit Hojai, had reportedly in his confession mentioned the name of that minister.