AIMSU for joint resistance with AASU against dams

Itanagar, Sept 28 (PTI) Welcoming the stand of All Assam Students Union on proposed mega dams in Arunachal Pradesh, All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) today called for putting up joint resistance.

AASU has been campaigning against large dams in Arunachal Pradesh raising downstream concerns of Assam. Criticising the comments by Arunachal Pradesh MP Takam Sanjoy on the downstream impact of dams in Assam, AIMSU secretary Rajiv Mihu said "Almost all of Lower Dibang Valley district falls in the downstream area of Dibang Multipurpose Project.

"If Sanjoy is ignoring the downstream impact in Assam, then he is also ignoring the downstream impact in Arunachal, AIMSU Secretary Rajiv Mihu said in a statement.

Referring to the statements by many political leaders terming people opposing large dams as 'anti Arunachal' and anti-national, he said "If our leaders are serious about calling someone anti national then it is best applies to people who are involved in corruption."