Flood fury in Assam affects 18 lakh people

Lahorighat, Assam: Lakhs of people have been moved to safer places in Assam as the Brahmaputra river continues to rise. The river is threatening many more areas as it swells.

This is 8th wave of flood in the last three months and not a single morsel has been distributed as relief in Buragaon revenue circle where 1.2 lakh people have been affected. 104 villages have already been evacuated in this area which is one of the worst affected in Morigaon district.

More than eighteen lakh people across the state need help.

Most families in the Natgaon area have been rescued. For the remaining few, the river is going to engulf them anytime but their suffering has not amplified because floods have becomes such an annual feature in Assam.

The local disaster management team is also stretched with ten people looking after a population of one and a half lakhs.

Pushpa, a part of this team said, "Of course we need more people. We are focussing on women because they are the ones left at home. So they need to be trained first."