50,000 displaced Rabhas and Garos facing discrimination in Assam

The Asian Centre for Human Rights today said that about 50,000 Garos and Rabhas displaced by conflicts since January 1, 2010 are being discriminated in terms of relief and rehabilitation in comparison to assistance being provided to the Kashmiri Pandits and Sri Lankan Tamil refugees by the Government of India.

Addressing media here, Suhas Chakma, Director of Asian Centre for Human Rights said: "In terms of rations at the relief camps, at Jammu and in Delhi, Kashmiri internally displaced person are given Rs.1000/- per head per month subject to maximum of Rs.4000/- per family per month plus dry ration. The Sri Lankan Tamil refugees are provided cash dole of Rs.400 per head of family, Rs.288 for each additional member who is 12 year-old, Rs.180 per first child and Rs.90 to each of additional children per month."

"However, the displaced Rabhas and Garos are not being given any regular assistance," he added.

He said the Rabhas and Garos are being provided only three bundles of tin roof sheet and Rs 10,000, which is highly discriminatory.

He further said that the discrimination against the Rabha and Garo displaced persons would be taken up with the State Governments and the Centre and other appropriate orums/mechanisms. (ANI)