'Bihar, Assam visitors compound disease threat'

VELLORE/RAMANATHAPURAM/ ERODE/HOSUR: More and more visitors thronging Vellore from North India increase risk of diseases spreading amongst locals, said District Collector C Rajendran enforcing the need for more medical health checks.

During his inaugural address at the free polio vaccination camps in the city, Rajendran said: “Many visitors to the CMC and the Golden Temple are from far away places such as Bihar and Assam.

There is always a risk that they might be carrying the disease and it might spread to residents. This is why the administration has made plans to increase medical camps and administer vaccines, if necessary.” He also said that though the State has been polio-free for the last 16 years, the government has made it mandatory for every child below the age of 5 to receive a dosage of polio vaccination.

It is estimated that 3.9 lakh children will be given the vaccine through 2,243 camps spread across the district.

Meanwhile in Ramanathapuram, District Collector T N Hariharan inaugurated the polio vaccine campaign at the government headquarters hospital. Around 1,28,500 children were administered polio drops in the district. Moreover, 23 polio centres were established in Ramanathapuram municipal limit to give the vaccine to 7,150 children.