Bangladesh Commerce Minister visits Guwahati

Aiming to boost bilateral trade ties, Mohammad Faruk Khan, Commerce Minister of Bangladesh visited the annual International Buyers and Sellers Meet in Guwahati on Friday .

Khan is the first Commerce Minister of Bangladesh to visit Assam, indicating enhanced economic cooperation between the two neighbours in the coming days.

Calling for better trade ties between India and Bangladesh, Khan urged the government of both countries to take immediate measures to tap the unexplored potential of the region before time runs out.

"The government, in Bangladesh, in India and the state governments have to understand that their primary task is to facilitate the businessmen in all these regions to help business. Because, if you promote business, you actually help the common people. I am sorry that we have not been able to do it as much as has been expected and wanted but I am sure we should understand that time is running out. The faster, the better," said Khan.

Organised by the Industries and Trade Fair Association of Assam (ITFAA), the event gives a platform to the small artisans to showcase their products and interact with entrepreneurs for mutual benefit.

Small artisans from all over North East region participated in the meet with an impressive array of traditional and ethnic products.

Bangladesh annually imports about two billion dollars worth of products from India, and earns nearly 400 million dollars from exports. (ANI)