CAG highlights govt failure in submitting reports timely

GUWAHATI: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India on Friday highlighted the state government's failure to submit last year's financial report of many departments within March 31.

The Assam Power Distribution Company, along with planning, health, social service and education department besides the district commissioner's office of NC Hills, have topped the list of departments having financial anomalies.

Addressing the media in the city, principal account general Mukesh P Singh pointed out Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd's (APDC) failure to take appropriate action which resulted in accumulation of arrears of Rs 4.07 crore which remained unrealized.

"Non-deployment of adequate staff by the APDC led to non-utilization of power lines and sub-stations for over a period of two and half years as well as blockade of funds of Rs 1.97 crore. Moreover, irregular implementation of single-point power supply scheme by APDC led to non-realization of Rs 87.24 lakh," said Singh.

The CAG also recommended the public distribution system here to run a proper survey to ascertain the actual number of households/beneficiaries in the state. "Foodgrain was provided to APL beneficiaries in the state even without ration cards. The department should streamline the issue of ration cards, including retrieving of unauthorized ration cards, to check diversion of commodities to open market," he added.

On the NC Hills financial scam, the CAG cited that the DC, NC Hills drew Rs 20 lakh by reconverting deposits at call receipts but did not take it into government account, resulting in misappropriation of funds.

Failure to conduct necessary checks in accordance with the financial rules as drawing and disbursing officer led to an anomaly of Rs. 1.26 crore in NC Hills, added Singh. On Karbi Anglong, the CAG said the District Rural Development Agency made payment for materials against fictitious certificates of receipt of materials, which resulted in fraudulent payment of Rs 26.29 lakh. "The project Director incurred unauthorized expenditure of Rs 93.43 lakh," he added. According to the CAG, 15 departments in the state have huge financial anomalies, including health and education department, where the anomalies were higher.