ONGC's 3 fields surpass targets in Assam

Dehradun, Apr 14: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation's three major fields under Assam Asset--Geleki, Jorhat and Lakhamani--have surpassed their respective targets for FY10.

It was more than two decades ago that Assam Asset achieved the pre-decided annual targets.

What makes it further praiseworthy is that the targets were accomplished despite several constraints in the region including monsoon, the company said.

The oil production targets for Geleki, Lakhmani and Jorhat fields had been kept at 3,78,574 MT, 1,48,855 MT and 1,25,269 MT respectively.

Out of the above, Jorhat has the distinction of reaching the targets before the end of the fiscal for the third time in a row.

Assam has the oldest oil fields of India. Historically speaking, it was in 1957 that ONGC started its quest for oil in Assam and the first wild cat well was drilled at Disangmukh in 1959.

Under Geleki sector, there are Geleki, Namti, Makeypore and North Geleky blocks while under Lakhmani, the fields are Lakhmani, Laiplingaon, Demualgaon and Kuargaon.

Under Jorhat, the Asset has Borholla, Mekrang, Kalyanpur, East Lakhibari, Khoraghat, Nambar, Uriumghat and Babeja.

Oil installations in Jorhat are in hostile terrains in far flung areas, the company said.

Presently, Assam Asset has 20 owned drilling rigs, 5 hired rigs, 17 work-over rigs, 50 major production installations besides the largest workshop in the eastern India known as Central Workshop, Sivasagar, the company said.