Tension at polling station in Assam's Udalaguri district

Mazbat: Alleged manhandling of a voter by police while trying to maintain order at a polling station during the final phase of voting sparked tension in Mazbat area in lower Assam's Udalaguri district today.

District Superintendent of Police Debajit Deuri told reporters that policemen had "accidentally touched" a woman while attempting to maintain order among voters at the polling station.

The police were trying to ensure that the voters stood in a proper queue as the area near the polling station was narrow, Deuri said.

The voters immediately protested and had a heated exchange of words with the policemen who allegedly manhandled them, according to the Assam Minorities Students Union. Deuri said voting continued uninterrupted. He admitted that there was "aggression" on the part of the police. However, after the policemen apologised to the people, the situation was brought under control.