Assam's beauty is mesmerizing: Neha Dhupia

GUWAHATI: Former Miss India and Bollywood actor Neha Dhupia, who was passing through the city, said she always enjoys coming here and is mesmerized by the beauty of the land and its people. Neha, who shot to fame with 'Julie' in 2004, also spoke about her forthcoming films, 'Gandhi To Hitler' and 'Papu Can't Dance Saala'.

"It's always good to be in this part of the country with its lovely landscapes and beautiful people. Then there's the glorious Brahmaputra and all the verdant hills adding to its beauty. Right after landing at the airport, I started clicking pictures of the surroundings to send to my friends in order to share with them the beauty of Guwahati," said the actor, who was accompanied by designers Rocky S and Nachiket Barve.

"The people here are lovely, too. I've received a warm welcome every time I've visited the city," added the actor, who last acted in 'Phas Gaye Re Obama' and 'Action Replayy'.

Neha, who is playing the role of Adolf Hitler's love interest, Eva Braun, in her forthcoming film, 'Gandhi to Hitler', said portraying the character was really tough and she had to work very hard. She added she's given the role her best shot.

"It was really tough to play the character of Eva Braun. I had to work hard on it. To portray a well-known character from the past and the fact that there is not much information available posed a challenge for me. I read the available books and surfed the web to gather information on her. I also saw the videos on youtube and tried my best to give a realistic portrayal to Eva's character," she said.

"In the shots, even I could not recognize myself. I wondered was it really me with the blond, short hair?" said a smiling Neha, adding now it's up to the audience to judge her performance.

The film, based on two letters written by the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, to Adolf Hitler in 1940 to prevent World War II, is being directed by debutant Rakesh Ranjan Kumar. Besides 'Gandhi to Hitlar', she is has another film - 'Pappu Can't Dance Saala' - lined up, with Vinay Pathak.