ULFA’s decision to declare ceasefire lifts hopes for peace, prosperity in Assam

Guwahati, July 24: The decision of the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) faction led by Arabinda Rajkhowa to declare a ceasefire and come forward for talks with the Central Government has raised hopes of long term peace and prosperity in Assam.

The Rajkhowa-led central committee reached this decision on July 13. It has come due to the consistent efforts of the government to get the group to come forward for talks.

The formal peace dialogue is yet to begin. But preliminary talks between Government and ULFA were held earlier this year in New Delhi.

The people of Assam welcome this, as it will speed up the return of peace and normalcy.

" The news that Arabinda Rajkhowa is coming for ceasefire is very good news for Assam. Although the negotiations started 2-3 months ago, nothing concrete has been achieved till now but this announcement will clearly send a positive message to all corners of the state that from now onwards there will be no ULFA led armed struggle in the state," said Nazrul Hoq, a entrepreneur.

"It is a good initiative taken by them. It's a small step toward realizing what is most needed in the region that is peace. So in fact we all are happy that there is ceasefire and peace and development can take place," said Morningkeey Tungzang, a student.