In violent crimes, Assam tops list: NCRB

Twelve years of Congress rule may have brought down insurgency in the state, but Assam has emerged as the state with the highest rate of violent crimes during 2011-12. The state also reported the highest rate in crimes against women in the country, for the period.

The latest edition of Crimes in India report published by the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) said that while the share of violent crimes of the total IPC crimes in the country was 11.5 per cent, Assam reported the highest rate (54.2 per cent), followed by Manipur (44.6), Kerala (42.7) and Delhi (34.7). Number-wise, however, UP topped the chart with 33,824 violent crimes that accounted for 12.3 per cent of total violent crimes in the country.

Under the crimes against women category too, Assam topped the chart with 89.5 per cent, as compared to the national average of 41.7 per cent. West Bengal recorded the highest number of 30,942 crimes against women —12.6 per cent share of the entire country. The crime rate is calculated on the basis of number of crimes committed per one lakh population.

Of the 16,874 violent crimes Assam recorded in 2011-12, 5,077 were riots, 2,830 arson, 3,812 kidnapping and abductions, 1,716 rapes, 1,368 murders, and 670 attempts to murder, the report said.

Though Uttar Pradesh recorded 33,824 violent crimes during the same year, the incident-to-population ratio was highest in Assam. Sikkim recorded the least number of violent crimes, 58, including 34 rapes and 10 kidnappings.