Witch-hunting in Assam to appease ‘Maa Kali’

Witch-hunting in Assam to appease ‘Maa Kali’

55-year-old sacrificed in Assam

Around 2000 villagers stood as mere spectators when few drank tea workers lynched a 55-year-old as part of human sacrifice in Assam's Cachar district.

After being accused of practicing witchcraft, Jawaharlal Mora, was held by the villagers on Friday.

The frenzied mob tied the hands and legs of Mora and brought him under a banyan tree to perform a religious ritual. Later, they drank and danced around Mora shouting ‘Jai Maa Kali’.

After the religious ritual Mora was mercilessly lynched by the mob and his body was buried at a place at Kalabil under Banskandi police station in Lakhipur sub-division on Friday.

Meanwhile, tension has prevailed in the remote tea garden area in Assam's Cachar following human sacrifice.
The police here said that it was a case on with-hunting.

Local people, quoted by the police, alleged that the killers performed religious rituals around the victim's body purportedly to appease the Gods.
Ten people, including three women, were arrested in connection with the killing.
Additional security forces had been rushed to the area and senior police officials were camping, the police said.