Jhumor – A Symphony from the Hills of Assam by Papon

MUMBAI: Music gets raw on Coke Studio@MTV Season 3. In search of some soulful melody, Papon goes into his comfort zone – his homeground Assam and creates a folk song ‘Jhumor’.

‘Jhum’ means togetherness and ‘Mor’ means coming in line. Excited about composing the song for his people, Papon says “It’s the common person’s song in Assam and they will be very happy to see their song on national television.” To create a local feel, Papon has also used a local talent Dulal Manki from Assam to sing this song. Catch the track ‘Jhumor’ on Coke Studio@MTV airing this Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 8 pm which is sure to take you on a journey to the tea gardens of Assam