Music doyen's magic to touch UK

GUWAHATI: Come September 6 and London will get to experience a music concert taking in artists from Bangladesh and India, especially from Assam, to commemorate the 87th birth anniversary of Bhupen Hazarika.

The event is an attempt by the Assamese diaspora in collaboration with the Nehru Centre, Mayfair, London, to take the work of the doyen of Assam to a global audience.

Bangladesh high commissioner Mohammed Mijarul Quayes - a noted patron of the arts - is expected to attend the event.

The event will be chaired by deputy high commissioner of India Virander Paul and the expected attendees are Lord & Lady Sheikh, writer Yavar Abbas and filmmaker Emma Achara, among others.

"The state has been fortunate to have given birth to a great musical genius in Bhupen Hazarika. Now that the mighty voice is silent, Assam and the world have become poorer. The concert is a significant step in our endeavour to take Bhupenda to the global forum. On the eve of his 87th birth anniversary, Indian and Bangladeshi artists will be united to celebrate his musical journey," Rini Kakati, organizer and Assam coordinator for the UK.

The Assamese diaspora settled in the US and in Europe commemorates the birth anniversary of the 'Bard of Brahmaputra' through different events.