Dioxin main cause of cancer spread in Assam, says study

GUWAHATI: Release of dioxin in the air through burning of municipal waste, hospital waste and automobile emission is the major cause behind the spread of cancer in the state.

A city-based environmental activist, Aashim Chatterjee, said the number of cases is on the rise due to lack of proper legislation, limited air quality monitoring mechanism and facilities to monitor the cancer-causing pollutants in the atmosphere.

Chatterjee said, "A research was carried out following the increasing number of cancer cases in Assam. During the study, it was found that garbage here is burnt and automobiles here do not use compressed natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, as a result of which a lot of dioxin is released into the environment. The primary source of dioxin, which is the main causative agent of cancer, is man-made. It is a dangerous chemical compound of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and chlorine. Risk of cancer was also noticed among people using chlorinated water. High level of air pollution was seen as a major cause of lung cancer."

He said the study has found that 68 per cent urban areas have particulate matter higher than the required amount. The pollution control board lacks the facilities and equipment to monitor the cancer causing pollutants in the atmosphere. Though cancer cases are rising alarmingly, awareness among people is very low as many patients coming for treatment are at an untreatable stage.