Self rule for two Assam districts sought

GUWAHATI: Welcoming the Union cabinet's approval for the creation of Telangana, the chief adviser of tripartite talks for Joint Action Committee for Autonomous State (JACAS), JI Kathar, said the Centre should now give a serious thought to the creation of an autonomous state comprising Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao.

"We are very happy that the Cabinet has approved the creation of Telangana. We welcome the decision. At the same time, we want the Centre to step up the process for creation of autonomous state under Article 244(a) of the Constitution," added Kathar, who was part of the JACAS delegation for tripartite talks with the Centre and state government in New Delhi last month.

Kathar said the creation of an autonomous state under Article 244(A) is not a long-drawn process for creation of new states. "There is neither any need for an amendment to the Constitution nor getting two-third majority for creation of an autonomous state. So, it is high time for the government to take some positive steps for creation of an autonomous state," added Kathar. He said the next round of tripartite talks is expected to be held in the first half of October.

"We are looking forward to something positive from the next round of tripartite talks this month," added Kathar.

JACAS, a conglomeration of different Karbi organizations, was formed in the aftermath of state demand movement in Karbi Anglong district in August this year. Karbi Anlong witnessed violence after the Centre's nod for creation of Telangana in August. Karbi organizations set government buildings on fire and damaged railway tracks, demanding creation of an autonomous state.