AGP launches Net attack on Congress

GUWAHATI: The assembly election is on April 4 and the state's main opposition party has taken the cyber way to fight the ruling Congress.

In its newly designed website, AGP has arranged an online debate against Congress rule. It also shows digitally how the geographical boundaries of the state have changed under Congress rule.

The reduction in geographical area of the map starts with the formation of Tripura Union Territory on July 1, 1963 and then Nagaland on December 1 the same year. This is followed by formation of Meghalaya, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh in 1972 and Mizoram in 1973 all under Congress rule. In its site, AGP says the changing geographical map of the state is due to Congress's "misrule". The party has also started an online discussion forum where different subjects related to the state have been put under debate. This includes unemployment, big dam projects and scam in NC Hills Council.

The home page of the party's website says, "We came to power in December, 1985. Prior to that, our state was ruled by various fractions of INC for 36 years and Janata Party for 2 years. During that period, central allocation received by the state was 30% as grant and 70% as loan. We changed it to 90% as grant and only 10% as loan."

It adds, "The population of the northeast is only 3.8% of the total country. Despite this, AGP made the provision to reserve 10 per cent of funds of all development schemes of the central government. The state was receiving a mere Rs 61 for per MT of crude oil. We increased it to Rs 314."

Saying that regionalism was the only solution, the party in its website has given a clarion call for strengthening regional forces like AGP in the greater interest of people of Assam. "After all whatever development that has come about in Assam in the past two decades is only because of the relentless efforts of AGP," says the site.