Manipur observes 119th Patriots' Day

Imphal, Aug.24 (ANI): Manipuris recently observed the 119th Patriots' Day in capital Imphal in the presence of Governor Gurbachan Jagat and Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh. Floral tribute was paid to the war heroes of 1891. It maybe recalled that Prince Tikendrajit, General Thangal and Kajao Singh were hanged on August 13, 1891 for waging war against the British. The British hanged Prince Bir Tikendrajit and General Thangal at Pheidapung in Imphal in broad daylight before thousands of Manipuris for revolting against them. Government schools and colleges observed the day by singing patriotic songs, recitations and participation in drawing competitions. In Imphal, the event was observed in the Bir Tikendrajit Park.he sacrifice rendered by Prince Tikendrajit inspired India's freedom movement subsequently. Years later, the government of free India, with suggestion from Arun Chandra Guha, included the portrait of Bir Tikendrajit in the National Portrait Gallery inside Parliament. Governor Jagat said that Patriots' Day was a reminder of the heroic acts of Manipuris in different war fronts of the Anglo-Manipur War of 1891 that showed to the world that Manipuris had the sacrificing and unflinching courage to challenge the then mighty British Empire for the sake of their motherland. He further said that while celebrating the day, the present generation, along with paying our homage and tribute to the heroic forefathers of Manipur, should renew our pledge to work with dedication for the cause of our motherland. Jagat said Manipur should take steps to accelerate development for prosperity and welfare, as a part of India, its citizens had a bounden duty to make the country strong and prosperous. Chief Minister Singh said the patriotism of Prince Tikendrajit, General Thangal and others would serve as a guiding light to the people of the state. The chief minister also appealed to the people to stand united against the perpetrators of disunity in the state and move towards peace and prosperity. (ANI)