Assam facing acute power crisis

 Guwahati Assam, reeling under heat wave conditions due to scanty rain, is facing acute power crisis with the actual generation capacity of Doyang Hydro and Kopili Hydro projects dipping to less than half of their total installed capacity leading to long hours of loadshedding.
Assam State Electricity Board (ASEB)sources said Doyang Hydro project is generating just 21 MW against the installed capacity of 75 MW, while Kopili Hydro project is generating only 119 MW against the installed capacity of 275 MW.
Moreover, Ranganadi, Loktak and Karbi Langpi projects are not generating any electricity causing a marked shortfall of power generation.
ASEB had raised its power generation from 808 million units in 2005 to 1629 million units, which, was, however, less than its present requirement of 2000 MW in the peak period.
The ASEB plants have been able to raise their plant load factor to 57 per cent in 2008 from 33 per cent in 2001.
The possibility of purchasing power from states which were surplus earlier was also remote as most of them are facing from power drought.
Assam is purchasing 70 MW to 100 MW of power in excess of the state's allocated quota but this was likely to become difficult in future, the sources added.