Spurt in crime against women in city

GUWAHATI, July 9 – Violence against women continues to remain a major concern for the police as reports of such crimes have come in from different parts of Guwahati. Significantly, many of the cases registered with the police relate to victims from weaker sections of society living in slum areas. Police acquainted with recent trends in crime against woman say that in and around Guwahati, many incidents have taken place in Hatigaon, Athgaon, Fatasil Ambari and tracts parallel to the railway tracks. Some of the violence starts with domestic disputes, and perpetrators include husbands in inebriated condition.

Interestingly, violence against women have also been reported from families which are economically well-off. “Earlier not many cases were reported to the police, but with the Supreme Court making its stand clear, women who are aware of their rights approach the police more often,” said a police personnel based in Guwahati.

In the only all women police station at Pan Bazar, eight cases have been registered till in the first week of July, while 13 cases were filed in June. May saw a high of 18 cases, and in April seven cases were lodged. Most of these cases related to violence against women, and the victims hailed from different parts of the city.

Here it needs to be mentioned that the actual figures for the city would increase because many cases do not get registered in the Women Police Station as they are registered in local police station. Actual numbers would also be higher because some cases do not get registered at all.

According to police sources, although much has been focused on dowry related violence, occurrence is relatively low among local communities in Guwahati. Among a few other communities, dowry related violence, however, is comparatively higher.

Significantly, it has also been revealed by sources that some of the cases registered as crime against woman actually could be motivated, and at times have caused undue harassment on the accused. “Yes, there are genuine cases, but from time to time cases have been filed which actually have little factual basis making it difficult for us to proceed,” said the official.