Over Rs 653 crore passed

Imphal, July 22 : The Manipur Legislative Assembly has today passed over Rs 653 crore budgets on Education, Panchayat, Art and Culture, and Tourism.

Moving the token cut motion during the day's business of the Assembly, Dr Ng Bijoy said that many government schools in the state are in shamble while saying that no parents would want their children to study in such pitiable school building condition.

Observing that the situation seems to lead back the people to olden days when classes were taken in open air, he asked who would not like to send their children where free meals and text books are provided to children.

Dr Bijoy said it is time to equip the children with electronic multi-media centres and to provide them scientific education.

He also said that the Manipur Film Development Corporation should be developed and the JN Manipur Dance Academy should be upgraded to college level.

MLA Dr I Ibohalbi, who also moved the motion, urged the concerned department to review matter relating to unreasonable down-gradation some schools.

He also enquired whether the rationalisation process is ended.

He said though NREGS is very popular in Manipur, the daily wage of the labourers is low.

He urged for the revision of labourers' wage and suggested to fix it at Rs 150.He said this will make the scheme more successful.

Among others, MLAs RK Anand, Morung Makunga, Dr Khasim Ruivah, N Mangi, and Nandakumar have also participated in the discussion.

Participating in the discussion, MLA Shyamkumar said that nothing, other than seeing it on signboards, has been known and felt about SSA in the state.

He also urged to give attention to the historical monuments in Andro constituency which have attracted foreign tourists too.

Clarifying the motions on Art and Culture, Chief Minister O Ibobi said that the government has been planning to convert art and culture into industry.

He said, to promote and preserve the cultures of the hills and the valley people, the government is sincerely making efforts to develop the Manipur Film Development Corporation.

The government is also planning to declare Manipur Film policy.

Education Minister, L Jayentakumar clarified that the government is planning to set up model primary schools to develop education in the state.

It is also going to start tele-education shortly.

The minister said awareness has been given to the people on SSA and midday meal.

The government has also provided training to several teachers so as to enable them to teach according to the demand of the time.

He said rationalisation process will be slower in hill areas due to the proposed district council elections.

Saying that the rationalisation process has been completed in zone 1, the cabinet will decide on the others.

Budgets relating to various demands including Rs 480, 14,07,000 for Education, Rs 41,68,85,000 for Panchayat, Rs 18,60,00,000 for Art and Culture, Rs 12,69,20,000 for Tourism were passed today.