Floods Hit India's Assam State

But there are parts of India that are certainly not having a dry spell. In India's northeastern sate of Assam flooding is causing havoc. Many villages and vast areas of farmland are under water.
This is the Brahmaputra River. Beginning in Tibet it crosses India and Bangladesh before emptying into the Bay of Bengal.

But when monsoons arrive this river often floods.

In the Lakhimpur district the river broke through a stop bank leaving the surrounding villages and farm land under water.

India’s national disaster management agency is carrying out rescue and relief work in the region.

But the homeless villagers aren’t happy with the rescue efforts. With no adequate shelter they are forced to spend their lives in boats and on the streets.

[Flood Victim]:
"The day the Matmora stop bank was washed away, we have been living like this. We haven't got any help from the government.”

Water levels in the river remain dangerously high across much of the state.