Assam: A boy playing with a grenade throws it out, no casualties

Dhubri: An explosion occurred in Kokrajhar district today when a 14-year old boy threw a grenade, that was believed to be a toy by his mother who brought it inside their house, police said here. There were no casualties, they said.

According to the police, 40-year-old Zohora Bibi had picked up a hand grenade yesterday from a paddy field at Khorkhori area mistaking it to be a toy, they said. She brought it to her home and kept it inside an almirah. Her son, a student of Class 7, took it out to play with this morning.

When Zohora saw the safety pin in the grenade, she suspected it to be an explosive and told her son to throw it away. Once the boy hurled the grenade towards an unpopulated area, it exploded, created a crater and burnt nearby trees.

On Thursday, three motorcycle-borne suspected NDFB militants met with a minor accident in the area and the device may have been left behind by them, locals said.