Assam zoo to plant more endangered plant species

Guwahati, Oct 28 : As several species face threat of extinction, the Assam state Zoo-cum-Botanical Garden has come up with a scheme for protection of the endangered flora.

The state zoo, which houses over 600 species of both indigenous and introduced plants, will plant threatened and endangered trees and plants of the North East under the scheme.

Informing about the new scheme, botanist Nagen Das said it will be implemented soon.

''The Zoo, which has a wide variety of flora and fauna, is now making arrangements for plantation of trees in the remaining wild area,'' Mr Das said.

The plantation will comprise medicinal plants, fodder and other species which were gradually becoming extinct, he added.

The botanical garden attached to the state zoo boosts of more than 600 species spread over 130 hectares of land on the Japorigog hill in the city.

The species include a large variety of timber yielding plants, nutritious fodder and rare trees, like Andaman red wood.