Rhino in Assam meets untimely death again – Poachers


Kaziranga, the National Park in the state of Assam, India is the home of the one horned Rhino. Poaching and killing of the animal has been declared to be illegal by the government but nothing seems to stop the people intent on disfiguring and murdering the hapless animals. The tough anti poaching laws implemented in the state which includes up to ten years of imprisonment has also not deterred the killing of the rhino, much in demand for its horn.
A similar incident occurred on Thursday, the 28th of October 2010 when a rhino was killed by a group of poachers in Burachapori which is located inside the Agratoli range of the National Park.
The forest guards, however, had been alert and rushed to the spot on hearing the sounds of gunfire. They managed to shoot at the poachers injuring one of persons in the poacher’s gang.

Ikramul Majid, the ranger of the forest reported the entire incident. The poacher who had been injured by the forest guards could not be detained as he made his escape along with another member of the gang.
Majid further reported the seizure of two SBBL guns along with a number of sharp weapons. Some camping equipment has also been recovered from the site of the incident
–Kornika Ganguly/Tellycafe.com