A Delhi restaurant that offers joy of Assam

'Jakoi traditional Assamese restaurant', located in Delhi's Assam Bhavan, makes visitors feel being in the northeast while relishing a lip-smacking and rich Assamese cuisine.

At this special restaurant, delicately spiced and cooked with an exquisite use of herbs, the delicacies include Maasor Tenga (tangy fish curry) and Kharisa, a fermented bamboo shoots seasoned with red chillies.

The food is served in ethnic bell-metal platters and bowls.

The visitors come here not just to relish Assam's delicious cuisine but also to enjoy spending time in an ambience that offers a feel of Assam's rich culture and tradition as well.

"Food can unite cultures. Lots of North-eastern foods are popular in Delhi. Lots of people relish these food items. It is not very spicy and so palatable to all people. It is also a good exposure to people to have north-eastern food," said Sushant Balika, one of the visitors.

"It reminds us something from back home. We are so far away from home. Traditional cooking, this is something which keeps us together, whether it is food or culture. This will be quite helpful and makes everyone happy too," said Shareen Sangma, another visitor.

However, there is more than just Assamese food on offer at this restaurant.

Traditional music instruments, books written by famous Assamese authors and photographs of personalities from the region have also been put on display.

"If I can do something for the people of Assam, it is good. That is why they have given me this restaurant to run for a period of time. I'm very grateful to the Assamese Government for giving me this opportunity to serve the people of Delhi and the entire Northeast," says Paparee Bezbaruah, the restaurant owner.

By Karam Roniya(ANI)