Pritam lifted my songs: Assamese singer

Guwahati, Nov 18 : A popular Assamese singer has dheere se served Bollywood music director Pritam a zor ka jhatka. Singer-composer Kumar Bhabesh has accused Pritam of lifting two of his songs and blending them into the foot-tapping Zor ka jhatka hai dheere se lagaa, a song Akshay Kumar and
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan dance to in retro-comedy Action Repplay.

"The mukhda of this hit number sounds the same as my chartbuster Dehati laahi laahi bukukhonu joubane bharaa (Slender girl with a heart full of youthful exuberance) while the antara is uncannily similar to my 2008 song Aahana kothabor...pohila Ramzanote," Bhabesh said.

The first song – a hybrid in Assamese and Bodo languages – is from the album Sonpahi which Bhabesh had cut in 2000 while, the second is from his 2008 album Roja replete with Islamic songs.

Bhabesh said he heard the song on Tuesday evening after returning from a two-month music project in a remote village in Assam's Karbi Anglong district. "I don't know if an arranger gave Pritam my albums or he had it sourced, but he should have had the decency in contacting me before using my scores. Or he should have given due credit to me and my team," he said.

The Assamese singer has given Pritam five days to respond or face legal action.