Security Strengthened in Assam

Security has been increased here in India’s Assam state only days after a banned militant group went on a killing spree in the region. Extremists from the National Democratic Front of Bodoland gunned down at least 19 people and left several others critically injured.

The planned attacks have brought life to a virtual standstill in the region. However Indian forces are now providing security for local residents.

[Ramesh, Local Resident]:
"Ever since that incident took place, the security personnel have been guarding our village and there are no are signs of any tension. As long as the army protects us, everything will be alright."

In the past three months, security forces have killed at least 20 militants, prompting revenge attacks by the group.

[Gajen Swargiary, Local Resident]:
"We fear for our lives. We know we are not safe. We do not know when the militants will come and kill us. It has happened in the past also, and it can happen again. We are scared."

India's northeast state is home to more than 200 tribes and has been the focus of separatist insurgency for decades.