Assam couple's bodies reach Tezpur from Kabul

GUWAHATI: Mystery shrouds the deaths of Abu Naser alias Prince and his wife Farhana Azmin, the Assamese couple who were killed in Afghanisthan's capital Kabul recently.

Though the couple's family had alleged that it was a "Taliban-style execution'', Assam police is yet to confirm the cause of death. People close to the couple's family said they could have died of suffocation following leakage of some poisonous gas.

Abu married Farhana six months ago and was an English professor at Mazar-e-Sharif University. They were staying at a guest house of the university along with six others, including one from Germany and a couple from Thailand. All of them died under mysterious circumstances on January 24 night in the guest house.

On Wednesday, their bodies were brought to the Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi. From there, the coffins were flown in to Guwahati and later taken to Tezpur by Farhana's brother and Abu's uncle on Thursday evening.

As the bodies reached Barika Suburi, Abu's native village in Tezpur, his parents, Umizur Rahman and Ranu Rahman, broke into tears. Sources close to Abu's family said the final rituals would be held after Farhana's mother arrived from Lakhimpur.

Sonitpur SP Surinder Kumar said, "There has been no communication from both the governments about the cause of Abu and Farhana's deaths.''