NE should unite on influx

 GUWAHATI, Feb 1 – The Government of India (GoI) should chalk out a comprehensive plan to deport the illegal migrants coming from Bangladesh. If the new Government in Bangladesh is found ready to cooperate in resolving the problem, that should be welcomed and the Central Government should not make the process for resolution of the issue a protracted one. There should be a time-bound approach to resolve the issue. This was the observation made by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Rajnath Singh. He was addressing the media persons here this evening.

He also made an appeal to the indigenous communities of Assam and the rest of the NE region and the regional parties to unite for resolution of the issue. They should take note of the fact that illegal migrants from Bangladesh are making the socio-economic problems of the region much grave, said Singh.

He alleged that the Congress Governments at the Centre and in the State had not taken any step to deport the Bangladesh nationals from the country, or to issue multi-purpose identity cards and to set up the foreigners’ tribunals as directed by the Supreme Court of India.

He also reiterated his party’s stand to set up a Northeast Security Council to focus on the security issues of the region. Moreover, he said, the Government should look into the funds coming to the accounts of the militants. The Government should examine whether mafia money or some percentage of the Central Government grants are going to the militants, he said, adding, the Government is not meant to enjoy power, but for building the society and the nation.

On the issue of electoral understanding of his party with the regional Asom Gana Parishad (AGP), he said, referring to his party, that the regional party had entered into an understanding with the most secular party of the country, describing the Congress as the ‘biggest communal party.’ To the BJP, all infiltrators are infiltrators, he said, suggesting that it would not distinguish them on the basis of religion.

He also apprised the newspersons that there was no impasse in his party’s discussion with the AGP on the Guwahati Lok Sabha seat, and, a decision on the seat would soon come up. The discussion with the regional party is progressing in a good manner,’ asserted the BJP president.

The country is in deep crisis today and the credibility of the Government is also questioned, he said and maintained that the Congress could not solve the problems facing the country. It remained in power for over 54 years and has a dismal track record of performance, he said.

On the issue of removal of Election Commissioner Navin Chawla raised by his party Parliamentarians, he said that the Chief Election Commissioner had vindicated the BJP stand. He also maintained that Janata Dal (U) president Sharad Yadav had not made any adverse comment against the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Yadav, a convenor of the NDA, reportedly criticised the BJP for its Hindutva agenda.