cross-border human trafficking seminar held

GUWAHATI, Jan 3 – The International Mission for Social Welfare and Charity organised the 28th anniversary of prevention and awareness programme of cross-border trafficking in women and children’ among Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Assam and West Bengal, child marriage and dowry prevention programme recently.

Three hundred and fifteen men and women participated in the said programme. The mission secretary general Debasish Ghosh said that trafficking in women and children is one of the worst and most brazen abuses of human rights. Pershaps not many crimes are as ghastly as trading in human misery-trafficking patterns and routes are after highly complex, ranging from trafficking within one country to cross border trafficking. 

In India, trafficking within the country in the form of both intra and inter-state transportation is also widespread, trafficking being an organised international crime depends on those illicit condwits and channels that are particularly available at international inter-State borders apart from certain strategic hubs and transit points.