Pro-talk ULFA gives up sovereignty agenda

DOOMDOOMA, Jan 3 – the pro-talk group of the banned outfit ULFA has given up the demand for sovereignty. In a press meet held at the designated camp at Kakopotnar yesterday, pro-talk group leader Mrinal Hazarika told that they would now sit for talks with the government within the framework of Indian Constitution.

He also told that instead of sovereignty, they would fight for complete autonomy for the State. The pro-talk group has also released a charter of their demands.

Mrinal Hazairka also informed the media that their appeal for peace to their central authority failed to evoke any response. As a result, the pro-talk group has given up all its connection with the banned outfit from now onwards.

From now onwards the cease-fire group of the banned outfit would be known as ULFA (pro-talk group), Hazarika added.

With this, ULFA which was formed in 1979 has virtually been bifurcated into two fractions. It can be mentioned here that the ‘A’ and ‘C’ company of the outfit has declared ceasefire on June 24, 2008.