108 emergency services survive Satyam debacle

Ahmedabad: Emergency Management and Research Institute's (EMRI) 108 services are here to stay despite, the ruffle in Satyam Computer which is it's parent organisation.

On the running of systems, head of corporate strategy, EMRI in Ahmedabad, Gobind Lulla said, "Our performance oriented approach and professionalism has helped us to manage current situation effectively and the same is reflected in terms of improved performance during the month of January."

The 108 emergency response services was started in Ahmedabad on August 29, 2007 in partnership with government of Gujarat. At present there are 400 EMRI ambulances running in the state, employing around 2,300 personnel in the state handling on an average 2,050 cases per day.

"EMRI services have remained unaffected in all the nine states where it delivers it's services. Recently on February 2, EMRI rolled out services in Meghalaya as well," adds Lulla.

EMRI services are offered under Public Private Partnership framework and 100% f the capital cost and 95% f the operations cost are provided by state government.

On new partners for EMRI, a senior EMRI official says, "We are looking for new partners in India and companies based abroad too. Large corporates in IT sector have also shown interest in the project but it will take another few months to zero in on new partners."