Assam To Turn In To Tourist Destination

After ages of being over shadowed by the militant activities, Assam is making serious attempts to convert its natural beauty and wildlife in to tourist attractions. New tourist places like Bogamati hill area are being developed in to places for the tourists to visit.

The Bogamati hill area is specially gifted with its natural scenery and is particularly a nature lovers paradise. The region is located at the Indo-Bhutan border area, Bogamati lies between two hill ranges and the foothills of the Bhutan border. Today, it is a hotspot for picnickers, thronging from remote places of Assam. Just five year ago, it was the general headquarters of the militant outfit United Liberation Front of Assom (ULFA).

The hill resort offers some delightful sights that includes 'Bor Nadi' river.

After the state tourism took action against the militant development, the area has become a major tourist attraction now. The hill resort offers some delightful sights that includes `Bor Nadi'' river, which originates from Bhutan Hills and flows through two ridges of the hills. Alon with the private companies, attempts are being made to develop the 'Bogamati' in to a hub for water sports.

"Earlier, there used to be militants here, but it is not so now. The situation was not good but now everything is fine. There were a few shops but now the numbers of shops has increased," said Sunmoni Basumatary, one local resident.

"After they have develop the place and its sports it has become very popular. The response of the people who come to this picnic spot is good. Roads are also developed slowly its becoming a good picnic spot and we have no fear to come here," said Mutesh Sharma, one tourist.

The growing interest among the tourists for the area has opened doors of opportunity for the locals who have set up local eat-outs and telephone booths for the visitors.