Adnan began womanising and I could not take it anymore: Sabah

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai, Feb 03: She has been called a home-wrecker, portrayed as a conniving daughter-in-law; but now Sabah Galadhari, Adnan Sami’s wife has opened up as to what made her pull the strings and go public with domestic violence charges against her husband


The otherwise low profile couple came under the arc lights last week after Sabah rushed to the police and filed a complaint against Adnan for being violent. Adnan, who immediately found himself under media scrutiny, was quick to deny all of Sabah’s claims. The singer quickly turned the spotlight on his wife by accusing her of ill-treating his ailing father.

Furthermore, Sami even accused Sabah of being unkind to his son Azaan, from a previous marriage. But speaking to a news daily, Sabah denied all the charges Adnan made, said, “I have decided to go away from his life. It’s been a year that I am undergoing mental trauma and I cannot take it any more. I am living in fear.”

“We had two months of bliss... then I realised he had a major alcohol problem. It increased by the day. He would get violent. I was traumatised mentally and physically. On one occasion, he drank so much that we had to cancel a show in London. I had to tell the organisers that he had fallen in the bathroom. But I have saved his dignity several times covering up like this. After being abusive, he would apologise and I would forgive him. It became a pattern. But I loved him so much.”

Even after being repeatedly tortured Sabah didn’t share her marital problems with anyone. However, when Adnan started womanising, Sabah could take it no more. “He also began womanising and got someone home in my absence. He goes to discos and dinners with women after telling me they are friends”, she added.