Bimal Gurung likely to visit Lalgarh

Desperate to woo the restive tribals in the Dooars to the Gorkhaland cause, the GJMM president Mr Bimal Gurung is expected to visit Lalgarh in West Midnapore tentatively on 18 February. According to GJMM sources, the final announcement on the itinerary of the proposed visit would be made in a day or two.

The GJMM general secretary, Mr Roshan Giri today acknowledged there was a likelihood of the president visiting the tension-stricken Lalgarh later this month. “Mr Gurung is eager to get a first hand view of the tribal unrest sweeping across the region for some time. He might meet the tribal leaders who have been spearheading the anti-state government agitation apart from having informal talks with a cross section of the tribal populace over there,” Mr Giri said.

The GJMM leader further said that it was imperative for the GJMM to sense the depth of mounting exasperation amongst the tribals in south Bengal. “Both the tribals, residing in south and north Bengal and the north Bengal-based Indian Gorkhas, having arrived at the end of their tether, should close ranks to bolster the people’s movement going on against the draconian policies of the state government,” Mr Giri added.

Speaking on the matter, the GJMM media and publicity secretary Mr Binay Tamang said that the nitty gritty of the proposed visit would be chalked out soon. “ There is a possibility, though, that Mr Gurung would address a public meeting at Lalgarh,” he added.

Asked whether Mr Gurung would visit alone or a party delegation would accompany him, Mr Tamang refused to give details, saying that they would announce the details of the programme later.